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November 16 2022

Dear Valued Clients, 

I would like to apologize for not being able to be there for you over

this past year. I have been dedicating myself to this industry with the

greatest concern for customer service and fair pricing for over a

decade. Unfortunately, that decision came at a cost to both myself,

as a business owner, and you, our clients.

As a small business that ran with minimal assistance, I realized that

we actually needed help too. The physical and financial toll forced

me to look for other options. While it is true that material costs have

gone up in this economic climate, it is still in all of our best interests

to provide fair pricing and options. With that said, I want to thank you

all for reaching out when we expressed our need to close the

business. The messages we received were heartfelt and meant a lot

to both my wife and myself.

Recently, I have had the ability to combine forces with two other

ethical and customer focused HVAC business in our market. We are

dedicated to provide optimal coverage for service, and excellent

workmanship all for a fair price.

What that means is that, after combining forces, we are now able to

offer a full range of support to provide quality service, installation, and

light commercial work. We are now able to fill in gaps that were

missing in each company and give our customers more access to

different product lines and parts. This adds a new


I understand that a percentage of our customers will no longer reach

out to Element, and I completely understand that decision. However,

I would like to reach out to those who did contact us and ask if there

is a future opportunity to serve you. Please feel free to contact us

with any comments or questions. We are open and honest and

willing to share whatever is necessary to rebuild your trust in our


As we approach the Holiday season, I want to wish you all the best.

We are hoping to be able serve you throughout 2023!

Kind Regards,

Dwayne Flatt - President, 

Element Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. 

431 - 554 - 4480

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